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  • A simple question

    When I look at the tech matrix some of the techs have beakers in the lower right corner and some don't. Anyone know what they mean?

    My less simple question then above:

    Anyone know a less tedious way to set up a trade with the AI then this procedure:
    1. Go into the foreign screen to find a race you have decent relations with. Don't forget to look up there empire name.
    2. Look at there tech lists to find one you want.
    3. Make sure you don't have that tech and haven't actually forgotten about it by cross referencing it with your list.
    4. Look for a school where you generally superior to them.
    5. Look in this school to see which techs of yours are at approximately the same level as theirs so you may pick one and propose a basically fair deal.
    6. Go back into the foreign matrix (hoping you did not forget the name of the tech you wanted or the one you are offering) and propose the deal.
    7. Wait 1-2 turns for them to say "no thank you."

    Seriously, there has to be a smoother/easier way about this! Plus, the computer empires have not accepted any of my deals - even though i think they are generally fair or give them the edge.

    That is just me venting sorry. Again, anyone know what the beakers mean?

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    There is a less tedious way.

    Someone here has posted a mod which includes for most Technologies a letter depicting the School of Science and the Level of the Technology into the Name of the Technology.

    With this mod you can see the Level of the Technologies without having to leave the "Exchange Items" - Screen.
    It is also useful in Ground Invasions, cause you also see the Levels of your Weapons, armor and Shield and therefore can compare your Levels to those of the enemy.
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