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  • MOO3 FAQ

    many thanks to tleng for the (hold, let me put that in bold) amazing start

    want to add to this? please post in the same format (Q, A) and ONLY post if you have something to add to the faq.


    Q: How can I ALT-TAB?
    A: You need to have something opened in the backgound like Internet explorer or a document. However, this is not a supported feature, and CTRL-ALT-ESC works better.

    Q: Can I refit ships?
    A: As of now you can't but that feature might be added in a patch.

    Q: I meet an alien ship but he won't show up on my diplomacy screen
    A: You need to have a colony within 2 jumps of one of this colonies. I don't think outposts qualify

    Q: Why won't my colony show up on this yellow/red planet after I colonized it?
    A: Yellow planets need 2 colony ships (or 2 modules on one ship). Red need 4 colony ships. However, you can still use 1 colony ship - just set up migration to that planet or wait for it to grow to a full colony

    Q: How do I set migration?
    A: In the planets view screen, there are 3 buttons on the bottom. The one on the right is for migration

    Q: What do the planetary specials do?
    A: It's in the readme.txt file on the CD

    Q: What's the planet's ratings for fertility?
    A: From worst to best: Toxic Hostile Barren Subsistence Hardscrabble Arable Fertile Alluvia Lush

    Q: What's the difference between Biodiversity and Fertility?
    A: Biodiversity affects population max/growth, pollution and rare materials harvested, but does not seem to affect farming. Fertility affects farming.

    Q: What are the exact different government effects?
    A: Check out this excel spreadsheet

    Q: What are the magnate race stats?
    A: Check Lore_weaver's sticked thread in the strategy forums

    Q: How do I stop the AI building troop ships?
    A: Go to shipyards and make the troopship obsolete. When you do want to build them just un-obsolete them

    Q: How do I find out about unrest, especially piracy and how do I stop it?
    A: Go to planet screen Demographics. It tells you what races are on the planets and the unrest. Build system ships or station a fleet there. Planetary shields help too.

    Q: How do I find out enemy AI's tech level?
    A: In the tech screen there's a pull-down menu for the other races. You can use it to tell where they are relative to you.

    Q: Why can't I bombard or planets?
    A: You have to manually control the battle before it lets you control bombardment

    Q: Why can't I invade planets sometimes and how do I choose which planet in a system to invade?
    A: You can't invade outposts with less than 1000 people. In the choose battle screen there's a button on the bottom to view the system and choose your planet.

    Q: How do I send out Antaran expeditions?
    A: In the victory screen you can send expeditions and those ships come out of your reserve. Better engines gets those expeditions out and back faster.

    Q: Why won't my point defense fire on missiles?
    A: You might have to include 1x20 missiles (fire 1 missile 20 times)on each and every ship.... as long as you have missile remaining, your PDs will fire.

    Q: When I try to design a frigate system colony ship, it says it's too large for the ship class.. how come I start with frigate system colony ships?
    A: The original system colony ship has its engine speed reduced to gain space. You can do the same to your own ships to save space if system speed is not important.

    Q: Why does clicking on the stealth option do nothing?
    A: you need to research the stealth techs

    Q: Why are outposts popping up when I didn't send any out?
    A: The magnate rate you colonzied sends them out. Darloks especially like to expand.

    Q: Why won't a colony ship in the system colonize?
    A: There might be an AI ship there blocking you (Non-agression pact makes no difference). Or you might have 2 colony ships both trying to colonize the planet because you marked it for colonization. In that case, cancel the ships' orders and manually colonize the planet in the system/forces menu

    Q: Why did my AI ally declare war on me for no reason?
    A: There are many reasons why that could have happened.
    1) Enemy diplomatic spies framed you
    2) You are allied to that AI's enemies
    3) That AI is in a war and you are not sending ships to help him

    Q: Why does the AI declare war and then peace and then war?
    A: If after 10 turns no battle happens, there will be a "white peace". However, if the AI hates you, it will simply declare war on you again

    Q: When I load a game it gives me a Direct X surface error
    A: You can't have more than 92 + 5 games saved

    Q: Is there a turn timer?
    A: On the top of the screen you can click on the turn number and change it to the timer.

    Q: How do I stop my CD from being accessed all the time?
    A: Copy the music folder from CD2 to the following folder
    Master of Orion 3\GameDataSets\Classic_01\GameAssets\Common
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    Q: I have built a Starship, but it doesn¬īt show up at the Planet where I built it.

    A: All Starhips you build go directly into the Reserves. You have to klick onto a Star with a Deployment Center (your Home System has one from the Beginning of the Game, other Systems have to build one). Then choose "Deploy Taskforce" and you can build a Fleet with Ships in your Reserve. The Fleet will show up the next turn at the System where it was built.
    You can also see all the Ships in your Reserve when you klick on "Shipyards" and then on "Fleets"
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      Q: I created a task force, but it will not appear on the screen until I hit TURN.
      A: Press 'B', the map will be actualized and you can see yout task force and give orders.


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        Q: What are the exact different government effects?
        A: Check out this excel spreadsheet

        This link was unusable to me. It was in Polish or something.


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          HI i hope someone is still reading theis forum i need a crack for this game desperatly and i cant find one my cdrom wont read the play dis i just cant find it anywere on the net help


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            Better three months late than never.

            Cracks are a forbidden subject on Apolyton. Go elsewhere for such things. MarkG and DanQ run a clean site and would like to keep it that way.
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              Thread of the year!
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                Thank you for sharing the FAQ-style questions and answers related to the game. It seems like you have compiled a helpful list of commonly asked questions and their corresponding answers. This can be a valuable resource for players seeking assistance with specific aspects of the game. rankdle


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                  There are many useful answers. They help me solve problems of rooftop snipers because when I click on the turn number, I can change it to the timer. It's what I need.