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Spoiler? : Antaran x's

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  • Spoiler? : Antaran x's

    In my last game i had three of the x's (1,3,5) then finished researching the last 2 in one turn and won so i didn't get to see what they are.

    1: societal restructuring, less HFOG, unrest, and somethin else

    2: ?

    3: Research methods : additional research based on population, and more positive overuns

    4: ?

    5: Antaran Mystery : +20% bio, mining and manufacture -50% pollution

    so can anyone tell me what 2 and 4 are?

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    I just saw it in another thread, all listed except #1, sorry I do not remember where, try a search.


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      I started the other thread. Here it is:

      There's another good link in the thread.
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