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Sound doesnt' work with MOO and MoM

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  • Sound doesnt' work with MOO and MoM

    I just reinstalled for the Nth time MOO 1 "the only one" on my machine.
    It's an Athlon500, Win98SE, GF2MX440, SB compatible card.

    Only problem is that I can't get any sound to work : when I configure the sound (install prog), all looks good, addresses, IRQ, DMA.. But whatever my choice (SB , SB Pro..) when I launch the game I have a "reconfigure hardware" msg, and only when I select "no sound/music" does it work...

    What can it be ?
    I configured config.sys and autoexec.bat to use Himem and EMS memory, the card has its "SET BLASTER=" correctly defined, and I have 600KB DOS memory available...

    I'm not that good with sound card hardware parameters : should I try to change them ? How to check if they are correctly set ?
    Can it be due to my drivers ? As the card is a cheap compatible I'm not sure I have "standard" drivers...I searched for SB drivers but they reference precise card models so I don't knwo which to use...

    Can someone help ?

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    NOt much help, I have had that on many rigs with real SB cards. It has worked on a few. The sound works for both Moo1 and Mom on my current AMD (1900+ I think) with XP PRO. I have sound on the motherboard this time.


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      I've had good luck with VDMSound on Windows XP. It's a pure software solution which uses your Windows drivers. It's a free download at

      It won't work on Windows 95/98/Me, though.


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        Sometimes the windows configures your sound card with strange I/O addresses and IRQ/DMA - you can see your current settings by looking at the properties of "My Computer, then selecting the devices and choosing your sound card. Sometimes it will occupy several I/O addresses so you'll have to try all of them for configuring your game. And sometimes they will be so strange that your game wont support them as configuration options. They can be adjusted but its hard to explain .... and you may experience additional problems if you try to do so.
        Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain.


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          Ha ha, fixed it, I forgot that I didn't have LEGACY drivers, me old fool !!
          But well, the soundtrack is not that great by today's standards, Lol !!

          Other than that Moo1 still RULEZ, nothing better did emerge, the game has all (except modern graphics/sound ) !
          I even went printing and reading strategy articles on the Net about it ... I'm surely an antique-maniac


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            Glad you are up and running on one of my all time favs.
            Still messing with Moo3, but will have to take a break to get in some old style moo soon.