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Diplomacy: dealing with initially negative races

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  • Diplomacy: dealing with initially negative races

    ok so i meet a race and it's neutral towards me. i've found that i can gradually get them to be friendly,with agreements and such

    but in cases of races that at the beggining are negative against me, i havent made any "efforts of good will", e.g. gifts to make things better. is it worth it or do they keep hating you no matter what?
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    I haven't been able to turn racial hatred around with any degree of success. I can get them positive on occassion, but that just seems to make them more apologetic when they tell me they're going to wipe the galactic floor with the bodies of my dead children.


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      If they don't like you from the outset, it's not worth it trying to make them like you. Just get ready to gun for them, and give them a reason for that hatred.
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        well i play grendarl and trilirians hate me . and i always get them to atleast stay white and not declare war and ive gotten the ithkul to stay white and all of the other races that i "accidently" pissed off back to white with gifts but the only problem i face is humans and their stubborness to keep at war with me, and they started off nuetral, my say is get the humans to like u from the get go otherwise ull never get them to like u, as for everyone else ive gotten to stay white or just let them declare war until they become a nuissancethen i either kill them or if my available fleet is 20 turns away i give them gifts until i cant no more

        p.s. dont gift planets technoligy is expendable because by the time they get it one turn from now ill have the better version in 3, and i found that if ur relations is higher than 160 then 3 technoligies sometimes 2 will almost always get u a planet