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  • DEA micromanagement

    Seems like every time I get a new planet, or get messages DEAs have been built, I hyperlink myself immediately from the message to the planet infrastructure and make DEA build orders myself (or change the ones the viceroy had planned.)

    I guess I am a micromanager in DEAs.

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    I micro everything. At least, until I know my victory is assured.

    I am almost a little scared I might not be able to cope with the micromanagement helps in MoO3.


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      DEAs are essentially the buildings of MOO3 - and all the modifiers (ie. hydroponic farms, deep extraction mines, etc) are built automatically. The information is crystal clear in the planet screen (ie. you're producing 24 food and only need 9, etc) so that you can scrap and change DEAs as you see fit, though that takes a turn. (You order a DEA scrapped, and it's scrapped on the next turn.)


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        Do you choose what DEA's are to be buld on a planet? Are any DEA's necessary? Must eveyr planet have an agriculture DEA? can you have a planet solely made up of industrial DEA's?

        Oh, and are there service DEA (perhaps finantial) and residential DEA's?
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          All DEAs are necessary! They basically produce food and construction material. They are the buildings of the game. Could you win, say, Civ III without building any structures?

          By the way, I've gotten to the point where I have 30 planets in this current game, and, YES, I'm ignoring a few of them and letting the viceroys take over for that (laugh)

          I'm now concentrating on

          a) my home system
          b) the gateway systems (the systems that are basically the bottlenecks to the rest of the universe.)


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            Is there a loss when you change it. For example if the Viceroy has already done soil enrichment in a farming DEA before you realize you really need a mining DEA is that soil enrichment wasted? And if you switch it to mining and then realize that it in fact should have been farming do you lose all the mining improvements you built? Do you need to hurry up and lay down your plans before the viceroy starts doing his own thing? will the viceroy go back and switch things after you leave?


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              Soil enrichment is a part of the Bioharvest DEA, so yes, it goes blooey.

              If you keep changing your DEAs like that, there's something wrong with the way you play.

              No, the viceroy won't do anything til you delete the DEAs and don't replace them. He WILL change it in an emergency situation (ie. starving, rebelling, etc.)