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UK Release Date - 7th March

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  • UK Release Date - 7th March


    For anyone who doesn't know, sorry if it's been posted a lot recently or anything,

    The UK release is the 7th of March (This year... I hope),

    Confirmed by the store manager of my local branch of Game, they don't have any copies that they're holding in the storeroom (Not in the northwest of england anyway) either.

    Been lurking a long while, as it's my first post, I feel that I ought to say:

    LoreWeaver, thanks for the guides. You, kalbear, AlexFrog and JonahFalcon have been great, if I've missed someone out, sorry, but I'm not bothering to go remind myself .

  • #2 will have US copies around the 27th Feb if you can't wait. I know I cant
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      Kinda funny, but I'm going to America for a week next weekend, so it looks like i can get it there or buy it when i get back to old blighty, but either way i don't get to play it for two weeks

      Oh well, never mind, nor will many other chaps from here in Britain


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        It seems that some of the retailers in Denmark( and Sweden are changing their release dates from mach 13th to feb 28th......maybe that goes for the UK as well.....moo3 next weekend