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Oh the pain! The Agony...the irony?

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  • Oh the pain! The Agony...the irony?

    Oh the pain of it all! The humiliation compadres. Dreams are there for the torment of men! I had a vision of the near impossible last night my friends. In my dream I had bought MOO3. I had bought it home and was showing it to my fellow constituents when I was robbed, no CHEATED of playing it. An alarm clock, a most evil device, began ringing just as I was opening the package! It wasn't mine, it was my friends fathers. He and his wife are away and he forgot to turn off his alarm Hence I was cheated of playing the game, it disappeared from my very hands! OH the horrible horrible irony, I can't even have the game in my dreams. Why was I born to suffer in this decadent purgatory! Oh woe is me, for woe indeed my friends is this sorry state of affairs. There is only one solution to this undesirable conflict. We must rise my fellow brethren! We must strike the flame of revolution! We must march and fight and overthrow our oppressors! We shall rally an almighty army comprised of unsettled quicksilver developers as well as disgruntled players as well as people who like to protest for no apparent reason! We shall strike at the seemingly invincible gates of the Black City where that abominable slime of computer corporations infogrames dwells. We shall overthrow these international toadies! Indeed, a new power is arising...victory is at hand! So come and beat the drum of war, everyone seems to be having a go at it these days so why not a few more? To arms to arms my brethren! FIRE! FEAR! FOES! AWAKE!!!!


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    I feel for ya'.

    Don't try to confuse the issue with half-truths and gorilla dust!