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Cancelling my EBGames preorder :D

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  • Cancelling my EBGames preorder :D

    Not because I'm pissed or anything. Instead, while walking to campus, I noticed something very peculiar. One of the stores near campus had closed down for awhile, and today, I just noticed that it was being replaced by EBGames! Imagine, EBGames, just one block from UC Berkeley!

    Now that I actually have EBGames 5 blocks from home and 1 block from campus, I can just go check right after my Stat or Poli Sci class to see if MOO3 is out. I also no longer have to worry about the FedEx guy delivering MOO3 while I'm at class. No more shipping fees either!

    I'm actually happy now that MOO3 hasn't come out yet so I have time to cancel the preorder and get it straight instead.

    It's also smart of them to open right next to Bank of America. Good for impulse buys.

    Edit: Took out the question about reserving copies at EBGames, 'cause I just got it answered elsewhere.

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    Nice to know that We the Americans are doing something about our overweight problems. Instead of a healthy deliveryman or woman lugging our MoO3 to our door, we instead work off the pounds by walking to a local EB everyday to check if the game came out.


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      I always thought that the shipping charge issue with online buying was moot, unless you opt for the more expensive next day air etc...

      because most online stores don't charge sales tax, (except to certain states, which puzzles me), so if you buy it online you save the tax, but pay shipping.

      If you buy it in a real store, you pay tax, but no shipping.


      although the better bargain is dependent on whatever your states' sales tax rate is.
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        Berkley god damn hippee I look forward to stomping you peace loving beatnik empire in the ground.


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          I preorder stuff from EBGames when they have special deals -- like SimCity 4 (got the extra Transportation CD).


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            Re: Cancelling my EBGames preorder

            Originally posted by Dracil
            I just noticed that it was being replaced by EBGames! Imagine, EBGames, just one block from UC Berkeley!
            Hey ... I'm Cal Alumnus - Great Experience!


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              EBGames I think ships within California, so I pay tax either way. And I had it on the 1 day shipping, so.... that's $8 saved. And not having to come home to find a FedEx note saying that I wasn't there to pick up the delivery is a relief.

              And just because I'm at Berkeley doesn't mean I know nothing about violence. Besides, we also have one of the largest research facilities here (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab). So watch as my super advanced empire enslaves your empire.

              And there's no special on MOO3 from EB, another reason why I'd rather get it from the store.

              And good to see a Cal Alumnus here. ^_^


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                Ha! Nothing compared to the might of West Lafayette, Indiana! We Purdue students will use our nuclear facility and engineers to wage war!
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                  My local EB closed not long ago a month after pre-ordering from them...
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