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  • MoO 2 Game Rule Question

    Hi !
    Why am I not able to damage a planet that has the weakest Defense Shield (that blocks 5 Damages) with Heavy Mounted Mass Drivers that all have a strength of 9 ?!

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    I haven't played Moo2 much, but in moo 1, your planetary shield is COMBINED with your latest deflector shield technology.

    (so having a class 5 planetary shield and a class 4 deflector shield would deflect 9 damage, I believe)

    Might be the same thing in MOO2


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      I think that all beam weapons affect planets at only half their stated damage. You're going to need Phasers.


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        If the atmosphere of the planet is something like terran, then it already blocks damage. I don't have my strategy guide with me, so I can't tell for sure.

        Why the hell are you trying to kill a planet with mass drivers?


        Happened to notice, toxic planets block 10 damage naturally.
        That's certainly the highest.

        Kinda reminds me too-- mass drivers / mauler devices (I think there is one more) really shouldn't be treated like beam weapons.
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          All beam weapons lose half of their effective damage when attacking a planet due to the atmosphere.
          Shields subtract form that beofre damage is aplied.
          You need to accumulate 100 points of damage to destroy a structure.
          Beams are really a ship to ship weapon. Note that if they have a Radiation Shield that will make it harder to attack.
          Improvement to mass drivers are not going to be available this soon, such as HEF. Bombs and missiles are the best bet this early in the game.