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Bwahaha (MoO3 review on front page)

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  • Bwahaha (MoO3 review on front page)

    I love the review linked to on the front page. I didn't realize that MoO3 combined such diverse elements as japanese dating, mexican wrestling, and space combat.

    Diplomacy via wrestling does sound pretty cool though.

    C'mon guys, you've got to read a bit past the opening paragraph. Or even the opening sentence.

    Best quote: "that is quite comical when you have been breathing through a sock soaked in paint thinner"

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    It is an interesting review to say the least. It is obviously intended to be humorous but it also contains some good truths. Wrestling and dating as analogies for diplomacy is actually rather apt.
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      I hope the guy is a beta tester and not one of those fake pre-release reviewer. I still don't get his funny mexican wrestling; anyway this is the most irrelevant comments about the game so far.

      Best quote, perhaps false considering quite the contrary is said pretty much elsewhere: "combat warfare is far rarer in MoO3 than in its predecessors"......and "simpler". No, it's supposed to be much more complicated...
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        That guy has the game. Sure. He keeps it right next to his Ph.D from Oxford. Call him Don.


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          What front page?!


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            The apoly/moo3 front page. The 'news' page if you will.

            It's totally bogus, btw. This guy hasn't played nothing.


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              You mean Rantz cut the wrestling and dating?! OMG WTF etc etc ad nauseum...

              Perhaps this should go on the 'death by 100 cuts' thread!
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