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    Originally posted by viciouscycle
    What good is a Senate Victory if you have have a final war?
    "Congrats, you win... but not really."

    The Senate Victory is a way to win the game in a (generally) non-military fashion and a final war would just turn it into something where all that diplomacy is wasted and you still have to win by military.

    Now, the best of both worlds would be of course to have the option to turn on or off a final war in the set up.
    As is currently being so depressingly demonstrated in the world... political power means very little without the might to back it up. However, i think that you as a player would still be able to concentrate on a purely diplomatic approach. After you win the presidency you will get to use the guns of everyone who voted for you.

    The potential of a massive opposition to the senate (from all of the outer rim races) *should* be a consideration when going for a senate win. Maybe it would encourage the senate to be more willing to accept new members from outside the core (i havent read much about that happening in any AARs yet) in order to get a larger base of approval.

    But anyway - yeah, definitely it should be an option, not mandatory.

    Originally posted by viciouscycle
    That way if you really wanted to, you could play out the game after a Senate Victory and take on the galaxy, so to speak.
    You can already do that, by turning off the Senate victory condition. You can still become president, but the game won't end. Hmmmm.... anyone out there know what happens in this situation? Do you get any special techs or diplomatic powers? Can you be voted out again?

    Originally posted by viciouscycle
    Put in coalition victories while you're at it.

    Heh, with MP coalition victories you'd *need* the final war option, otherwise your 'team' could all choose to be senate members in their custom race, and vote you into the presidency on the first turn!
    We tend to scoff at the beliefs of the ancients. But we can't scoff at
    them personally, to their faces, and this is what annoys me.


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      Sorry Davey, you'd still need to build up to pass the NO.


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        Originally posted by rhofman
        Sorry Davey, you'd still need to build up to pass the NO.
        True, but if 2+ players were working in concert the necessary build-up time would be less because they could combine their vote... this is the normal reward of really good diplomacy, but if the other player goes into the game with the sole intention of voting you in...

        The main requirement is being the leader among the non-NOs, I think, as you have to be one of the top 2 to even be up for election.


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          Yes, any individual member of the "team" would have to make it to number 2 in the power rankings.