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Reason why IG sites arent working.

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  • Reason why IG sites arent working.

    Starting 06:30 UTC ( 00:30 EST ) on Saturday Jan 25th 2003, worldwide
    traffic for port 1434 UDP increased rapidly causing major Internet
    links to fail. ISPs responded quickly by blocking port 1434.
    While traffic is still strong in some areas. It dropped significantly
    since its peak. About 35,000 hosts seem to be infected at this point.

    Up to now, this worm has been named 'Sapphire','SQL-Hell' and
    'MS-SQL Slammer'.

    The worm is sending a 376 byte long UDP packet to port 1434 using random
    targets at a very high rate. Vulnerable systems will immediately start
    sending identical 376 byte packets once they are infected.
    The worm is sending traffic to random IPs, including multicast IPs,
    which may improve its Denial of Service (DOS) capability.

    Unless its just me that cant get to MOO3 site except like 1 time every 100 tries since this morning...

    Then my fault for posting but still just making sure...
    Death will come one way or other, its only a matter of when i choose it.

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    reason why IG isnt working so fast is cuz they havent applied the patch for the problem yet... its very simple and many already have but i guess IG is just slow with there servers like they are slow with there games !!! lol

    Death will come one way or other, its only a matter of when i choose it.


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      No, it's not just you. I posted this very same link to the "Has anyone visited the IG forums?" thread a while back.

      Here's another story.
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        IGMOO uses mySQL, I believe, which means that the problem is the incidental DOS, not the worm itself.