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  • Play without disk?

    I posted this question before but didn't get a real answer(or at least one I could understand. ) How can I play the game (MoO2) without the disk? Mine was destroyed by my sisters evil computer on vacation 2 weeks ago.

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    Well it is too late now, but I play off of safety copies as I have heard of Cd's being destroyed in some players. A search could find a few products that can play off of exact copies on HD, but too late for that. I do not know if any one made a "no Cd for Moo2" as it is old and has no copy protection. You can do a "no CD" search and fine things such as GameCopyWorld. Buy a new copy for less than $10 is the best way.


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      You don't need a hack to play moo2 without a CD.

      Just install it, then copy all the files off of the CD into the install directory.

      Then find the file in the install directory named: orioncd.ini

      It has one line that says:

      Change it to whatever your install directory is:

      The above is the default.

      Should work fine then, does for me anyways.


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        That should work, but they would still need to have the CD to copy the files from at some point.


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          Oops yeah sorry, I just read the reply about the no-cd hack and not the part about his original cd being destroyed :P

          And yeah, id just buy a new copy, its cheap these days