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  • MOO1 and Win98

    ANy ideas on how to free up more conventional memory? Everytime I try to run the game, it spits out into DOS with "Master of Orion requires at least 575K of conventional DOS memory". I've seen other threads addressing WinME issues, but it seems like everyone else running Win98 isn't having any problems. I've added the appropriate lines to the config.sys files and even modified the system.ini file to remove the EMMExclude references, all to no avail. Running MEM from teh DOS prompt gives me 640K total of conventional memory with 128K being used and only 512 available. Where can I get more memory from to run this game??

    I have a P3 500 with 384Megs of RAM, so I'm now officially at a loss with what to do.


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    Mine runs just fine on a P3 450 using Win98
    Don't remember whether I had to do anything special to get it to run though. I'll check the settings tonight to see how its working.


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      Don't remember now the actual commands, but msdos prompt can quite easily be configured to boot a "clean" boot and I think that may be enough. I've too had some problems to get old games running on Win98 but that's because for some reason high memory doesn't work. 575 shoudn't be a prob tough.
      It's not easy to make a clean mess


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        you have to remember / write down-
        1. game location in dirctory tree
        2. mouse driver location

        during your boot-up phase press F8 and choose 'command prompt' from the menu..
        on the command prompt activate your mousedriver..
        eg. c:/tools/mouse/
        then go to game dir..
        eg. cd c:/games/moo
        and then type 'moo' or 'orion' or whatever the .exe is called..

        it can be done more easily but this should work on all windows systems..


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          Hmm....trying to remember if I had issues.

          I remember having problems running in a dos window.

          Try creating a shortcut on your desk top and right click.
          Select properties. (might be able to do this on the .exe as well)
          It has been a while but there is some way to set-up a dos run that bypasses windowz and allows you to run a custom autoexec.bat and config.sys files. Problem is even though you might have good a.b and c.s files already, windows hoses them up with its own settings. You should try using yours first and then see if you need to make some mods.
          The end effect is that you'll basically reboot into dos mode for the game and then when you quit you'll reboot back into windows. The os will do all of this for you.

          Hope this helps!
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            I run now in XP PRO, so I booted by P4 running 98SE. I have Config.sys with the Device=C:\Windows\EMM.exe.
            The pif for Orion properties has:
            General - check for suggest DOS
            Screen - Full
            Mem - all at auto except EMS (2048)
            Moo was config with no sound on that box so as to use less memory.

            In case you are not familiar go to Run and enter Msconfig. When it comes up you can look at the tab for config to see what is being used. Nothing was added to autoexec.bat.


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              i will never run XP.. i will never turn to the dark side..


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                Then I guess you enjoy the system hangs and strange problems that haunt 98.


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                  Originally posted by Alphard
                  i will never run XP.. i will never turn to the dark side..
                  But Luke, Xp is your father!

                  Seriously, I'm really liking XP. It is rock stable and has not crashed on me once. For Win98SE it was a daily occurence.
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