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  • Tricks and tactics in multiplayer

    For me moo2 has always been the favourite multiplayer strategy game next to starcraft and SMAC. However the technologies often make it impossible to make any creative attacks (eg. cloak does not have any influence from some point forward, warp interdictor cancels surprise attacks etc). Therefore i thought we should share some tricks that can be used in multiplayer to overcome a stalemate instead of the 'big badass fleet with lotsa guns'.

    1. Something i have used to make 2 turn attacks against systems with warp interdictors- (works only with certain systems). I send the fleet to their core system- well behind the front lines.. The system is chosen so that after the first jump the fleet is located near the 'target' system.. then i retarget it and as it is only 1 parsec away, it will arrive the next turn.. as i said it only works if u manage to find good pairs of systems.. but occasionally it enables to make attacks the other is not prepared for..

    2. Less devious- when you are ready to make the attack against the enemy (total stalemate and war of nutrition situation) and you have maxed out your command points and tax, produce ships on all your planets so that they are all, say 3-4 turns from completion.. on as many planets as u can.. Then attack the enemy.. and as always you will both lose most of ur fleets.. you will probably lose all.. But after 2 turns you will have 30 brand new titans and he is still only beginning to replenish his fleet... not very cool.. but can work again SOMETIMES..

    I hope you will add some here

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    oh.. remembered 1 more..

    3. build as many stellar converter ships as possible and send the minimum amount of them to several nme planets.. the logic behind this is that at least SOME of these groups will get the chance to attack first and blast the colony away.. true.. they will probably also be destroyed themselves if the nme sends a fleet to protect the base, but who cares.. you have destroyed a whole colony.. well worth the prise.. time all the attacks at the same time and maybe the nme wont even defend against all of them.. im not sure how many stellars are needed to wipe out full colony... 3? 4? 5?


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      These seem to be sound ideas. Sadly, for me at least, I have never had the time and patience to indulge Moo2 multiplayer - all the waiting is just too much.
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        Every MP game I have played was over before, or shortly after plasma cannons.

        My favorite MP story was a stealth ship - omnescient race I took. I was on the right-middle of the map, and my friend was on the top-left. Huge map.

        Best planet I had to colonize was a medium desert. He had 2 huge gaia planets, with no monsters one was in his home system. He was telepathic and had a couple of easy kill AI's near him, I was near the klackons, who were big, but it wasn't east to get at eachother, which was probably good.

        Now the good news. There was a wormhole linking our space. My end was an asteroid belt only system. His had one tiny useless system.

        He was busy eliminating one of his neighbours when I first got the other one to declare war on him, then came through the wormhole with a few ships and an outpost ship. The first turn he saw me was the one where I blockaded his HW and other key system

        Haven't played MP in a long time though. Last time was a 3 player game which was going great, but would crash during combat all the time so we ended up wasting all kinds of time and couldn't get to the good part of the game. It's just too slow and buggy to play again.
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          I've always loved MOO2 and tried to play multiplayer but it just wouldn't work right. It always seemed to get hung while everyone was waiting at the end of turn while it appeared to be sync'ing. I had the latest patch at the time (v1.31). Is this normal?

          Unfortunately no one will play this game with me anymore because of this. You guys are making me jealous.


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            One of the web sitesout there talks about the need to set up and use the DOS version to play MP. It has al of the details about the setup.


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              Originally posted by Garth Vader

              He was busy eliminating one of his neighbours when I first got the other one to declare war on him, then came through the wormhole with a few ships and an outpost ship. The first turn he saw me was the one where I blockaded his HW and other key system
              The moral of that story?
              Don't forego omniscient in an MP game - especially when it only costs you 3 race picks. Your opponent has to spend 4 (IIRC?) to get stealth.