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    My style is to make about 7-10 of a given model and then make a new design. Even if it is the same as the old one. I do this so I can scrap them without much pain. If you build more than 10-13 of a given model, it hurts to scrap them. I use only large size until the very end and often never build huge (don't need them).

    Well should have said, I will have 1 or 2 missile boats styles until late in the game. Once they will no longer stay and fight at my bases, I drop the missile ships. I just make one for each planet that may get attacked. The MB will be med size with 1, 5 shot missile rack. I prefer to have merc missile as better ones go too far, I want them to be able to back up. I will kill Orion with large ships.
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      Virtual Alchemist, that is a cool idea.
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        Garth: there is also another reason not to destroy the hostile colony: You'll find yourself often with no colony ship, and will have divert a star's production, to the construction of colony ships, while you need the huge battlecruisers.


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          By the time you can handle hostile planets, making a colony ship is not a problem. You never need Huge ships. My large ships take down the AI's huge ships with impunity.