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  • multiplayer over LAN

    I am trying to get a multiplayer going over LAN but the games won't see each other.
    Both machines are networked right becuase you can browse across my hub. What protocol do I need? Are there any special tricks that may help?


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    They have a link with some networking walk throughs, maybe worth a look. I know I found a site that had a really detailed layout, but I can not find it right now. The thread for masteroforion2 is a god start point as well.


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      Thanks for your post! The site is very helpful and I found that my dsl software was causing the problem.

      Played a couple long games with my buddy yesterday.
      We always play on the hardest setting and in both games one of us was having some bad luck so not any good PvP action as of yet, but there will be.. : )

      Thanks again for your reply, I appreciate it.