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How do you make a mod for MOO2?

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  • How do you make a mod for MOO2?

    I'd like to make a mod for MOO2. Several twinks and upgrades I'd like to do to it. Read up on what they're planning for MOO3 and not sure I'll like the changes. Besides, if I can get this out quick, perhaps it can generate some interest thus raise awareness and anticipation for when MOO3 comes out.

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    I do not know, but I know some ships were made. Do a Google search and follow the links. There is a ton of sites, maybe some thing out there.


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      How do you open a .lbx file? That's what most of the files are. There is of course the .exe files, but I would think the .lbx might be easier to tinker with.


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        You need a hex editor, or write your own program.

        Maybe there is stuff out there on the Web. Search around.
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