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    Sure I'm "trolling", but these boards are for speculation. And lots of people are as interested in the game development process as they are in the game itself. nothing wrong with that.

    FYI: Mike and Dan at Firaxis noticed my trolling and said it wasn't that bad (volunteered that last chat we had.) I've also been a bit positive about RON. Just cause they say they are ahead of schedule, etc.

    And about the project looks like I was right. The initial design was too complicated. So I do feel vinidicated. QS was very frank about that...and I repsect them for that.


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      but a little bit of dirt does get the juices going. These boards are for entertainment...


      Just noticed...your question about personal gain...No. I don't work in gaming or have investments there. I just like to learn about the process and do a little evil rubbernecking...