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LF a modified version of Sundiver's MapLeveler

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  • LF a modified version of Sundiver's MapLeveler

    I've just come back to this game after last playing it 3-4 years ago, and it still hasn't lost its magic

    I've been using the Sundiver's MapLeveler to tweak a map to upgrade all tiny planets to small, and ultra-poor and poor planets to abundant to allow faster growth both for me and the AI.

    However, I noticed that the version that I have - 1.0 - seems to miss out on counting Arid planets in the statistics of maps.

    I also noticed that it seems to under-reporting the number of planets there are. I tested it on an existing game where there is a definite 115 colonies between me and the UI, but Mapleveler is only reporting 103. I'm not sure whether this is related to the 'Arid planet' problem mentioned above.

    Does anyone know if there ever was a version after 1.0, or if there's a modified version out there, that fixes these issues?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Hello, Is source code included? In my game all the levels are procedural, running on the same scene. Can I just call a method when I tap a level? Thanks
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      i haven't seen any updates other than fnaf security breach


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        Yes, there ever is a version after 1.0. I can share with you about it and geometry dash lite