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    Dear Friends,

    I am a Master of Orion 2 Mac player, and for years I have fiddled with old games (sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly) to tweak them for either balance purposes or for strategic interest. I have searched around and am aware that there are MOO2 mods available, and some of them are quite interesting (Difficult Choice, for example), but sadly, there is no tools nor mods available for the Mac, and I do not have the programming ability to create one.

    Nevertheless...this hasn't stopped my love of theorizing and writing out all kinds of details, and so I have (for some time) had a plethora of data for MOO2 sitting on my computer regarding my thoughts on how I would change some of the details of the game for balance, strategy, or whatever. Having looked at other mods, I can see quite plainly that most of us are thinking alike in our changes, but of course, I have done some things differently, which is not surprising. In any case, my purpose here is that I thought that there is no point in having some of this work go to waste, and so anyone who would be willing or interested in taking up the project to make a mod out of my data is welcome to do so.

    In all the documents I have provided, I list first raw data, then suggested changes, and finally my rationale for these changes. I have done things in this way because I firmly believe that no good solution can come to changes without providing good explanations and allowing room for discussion and debate. I actually do realize - after further reflection on some things - that some of my suggestions actually don't work, and I will happily retract them at the appropriate time, but I'll let that time come for the moment. That being said, I have tried to deal with more or less every aspect of MOO2 under the sun - from race picks, to tech tree order, to what various technologies do, to how random events work, how game variables work, the strength of the Guardian, Antaran techs, Hyper-Advanced techs, and so on. Hopefully, at the very least, some ideas here may provide grounding for improvements in other areas to make this a more well-rounded and solid game. And yes, for the record, I do believe that old games like these should be re-worked, improved, and re-sold, rather than creating new games that are disasters and that make people go back to old, buggy, but good games...

    My many thanks for your welcome,
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    Hi Master of Orion 2 Fans!

    Game is still much alive and played! We gather on IRC channel #moo2 at quakenet server.
    Check for the new Mod I created. It expands strategic capabilities of the game.

    Join us on chat and try to challange old veterans :-)