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Space Rangers II, anyone played this one?

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  • Space Rangers II, anyone played this one?

    I just stumble on this game, this week. It is a space rpg so to speak. You have real time game, but travel can be handled in a TBS manner, when you want. Battles can be manual or auto. Auto is real time, where manual is like Might and Magic VII.

    That is to say, you are stopped and select guns and targets and then move or stay. Hit space bar and the single move takes place. It has "quest" that you can do or not. Some of the quest are done on a planet and played like Mech Warriors.

    You build some mechs and take down whatever you are charged with, base or units. Kind of a nice change, but I only do the one that is sort of required. You have a few "missions at the start you have to do as trainers.

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    Got it from Impulse a long time ago but haven´t playd it for quite some time, but it is definitely a good game ...
    very addictive as well
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      It's kind of a roguelike game. I played a lot a couple years ago.

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        I was bummed to find out that the creation team was disbanded, so no sequel it seems.


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          Yeah, really liked this one a few years back. Interestingly enough there is a game called space pirates and Zombies that reminds me a lot of SR2, indie title, fairly cheap on steam to boot. This should probably be in the other games thread, but we found it anyway.
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            I liked the demo (SPAZ). I saw it played on a LoL stream of Saintvicious and that got me to check it out.