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    I finished playing Civilization for now. I am ready with it but waiting for the new Civ games to come.

    For now I restart to play Master of Orion: Battle of Antares. This game is from 1997 and I can`t find an operating forum which handles this game!

    Does anybody know a good fansite or has a clue on this:
    Which is the optimum starting position/race??

    For those who fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered never know.

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    Any race with the Creative ability is far too powerful, IMO.

    One of the best things in MOO2 is the way you have to specialise in technologies, as you can choose only one out of three option each time you research something.
    All that fun is thrown out if you use Creative.
    So I suggest you ignore the Psilons, otherwise they're all pretty well balanced.

    I've no idea on fansites.
    There was a kick-ass strategy guide though, too bad it's on my old hard drive, it went belly up a year ago...
    I'll see if I can find the guide one the Net.

    BTW, what do you think of the in-game music?
    I loved it, it was a great mood setter.

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      Yes, the Creative ability is superior! But it costs 8 points. There are a lot of things you get for 8 points.
      I like to pick the ability where your race lives under the earth (double pop capacity)!

      The in-game music is great. MOO2 is the only game I never turned the music off!
      I hope new Civ games will have something like this.
      For those who fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered never know.


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        Sidgames has a forum but nobody posts there anymore.

        I only play creative when I play on impossible.

        I have sunk more hours into this game that I would like to think about. If you want any questions answered I will do so.

        To answer your question, don't use any of the prepackged races, it's more fun to design your own. Take creative if you are new to the game and want to win easy. Other good picks are subterranean and telepathic. I usually vary my race picks quite a bit now, but I used to use Subterranean(6), Telepathic(6), Cybernetic(4), +10 Spy(3), Large HW(1), LowG(-5), -1/2 food (3), -10 ground combat(-2).

        That is a good setup, the cybernetic gives you good ship survival and helpd offset the -1/2 food, and the telepathic means the -10 ground combat and the low g combat penalties never really com into effect for you. Plus it gives +10 spy, which added to your +10 spy makes picking up missed techs easy.

        Make sure you download the 1.31 patch the previous versions had some problems.
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          Here is the MOO II web ring. Most of the links are dead. Some still exist last time I checked. Happy Hunting


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            Thanks, for the link.
            Back in 98 when I played MOO2 I wasn´t in the internet.
            Its funny to realise your faults when your are playing alone, and have only few hints/exchange of strategies.
            Because of the creativety ability I almost always build large ships with all available defence stuff and no space left for weapons.
            Just like CTP the AI is quiet easy to handle.
            For those who fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered never know.