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A DoS emulator that actually works.

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  • A DoS emulator that actually works.

    If anyone has been looking for a dos emulator that will run MOO1 under WinXP and has either given up or had to reprogram XP to do it. Here is a neat little emulator that actually runs MOO flawlessly. Best part with this emu is you dont have to manully attempt numerous permuations trying to make XP think your running a win95 box. Just mount the drive and run orion.exe and your in.

    DosBOX runs MOO1 on my P4 3.5 with its ati 850 and SB 1gb ram etc etc No problems. Mouse Sound, the works. One thing You you prob have to do is ramp up the CPU clocks so it does not run so slow. (Cntl -F12 9 or 10 times and it run well enough -covered in readme)

    Moo always was a bugger when it came to emulation I gave up long ago after trying out a few that didnt do squat.


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    Moo1 runs fine for me without an emulator in XP on P4. DosBox is handy though for screen captures.


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      In fact, whether or not MoO works under XP depends on the hardware used.

      Some recent chipsets (nForce 2 for me, not so recent after all ;-) are not backward compatible with DOS when using XP. (dont remember the exact reason, EMS memory related I think).

      I've also had to use Dosbox. And I second the original poster: it's quite easy to setup and it works quite well.


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        Yes, I think it is the motherboard and if it supports EMS emulation or not.