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    I made a mod but it appears to be unstable. I keep getting a

    The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
    CS:0219 IP:009f OP:63 ba a3 ff 00 Choose 'Close to terminate the application.

    I know enough Hexadecimal to know that the last line has that in it, but I don't know what is causing the crash, so please if someone knows more about programming than me.... Please let me know what is going on.

    here is the .txt file that is the mod. This needs to be coppied and pasted into note pad (if it doesn't download the .txt file for some reason...) then saved as a .txt then applied to MOOII with OCL

    The ocl program...

    The ocl program needs to be run in dos. If you have XP just get Dos Box.

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    Try here:


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      Hmmm. You mean the dos version orion2.exe....but modded with ocl? I had a short look at the txt file. Last column in the shields table could cause the trouble. The value 5000 could be too high. BTW...why have you changed it? Not sure if it affects anything in tactical combat....or do you play strategical combat?
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        Okay since I posted this.....

        I have done the following...

        Loaded my modified rules and then extracted them into a seperate file using ocl. I got some wierd results specifically in the Shield slot...

        I also went ahead and tried lowering/changing the shield values to anything in any of the slots and reloading it using ocl.... but everytime I re-extracted it I got the same values the wierd 44 and 148.

        The goal is to get a standard shield (Class I) a small and more powerful one (Class III/Midget shield) a durable and strong shield (Class V/Rhino shield) a Massive but weak (Class VII/Atenuator shield) and a nearly impenatrable yet very little streagth (Clas X/Millenium shield)

        Basicly what I was aiming for was

        Class I

        Blocks 5
        Base size 100
        Tonage = standard

        Class III/Midget

        Blocks 20
        Base size 200
        Tonnage required 1 for frigate 5 for Dessie 10 for Bat 20 for Titan

        Clas V/Rhino

        Blocks 50
        Base size 500
        Tonnage = standard

        Class VII/Atenuator

        Blocks 10
        Base size 2000-4000
        Tonnage = standard

        Class X/Mellinium

        Blocks 1000
        Base size 300
        Tonnage = standard

        @siron: I play strategic exclusively..

        Also a list of currently modded weps

        Death Ray = 300 tons for Redular mount does considerable damage 1000-3000

        Graviton Cannon = 120 tons regular deals 1-80 damage Utterly devastating but only suitable for defensive purposes due to its massive size.

        Plasma Phasor Disruptor and Nuetrons = more powerful and take up a little more space.

        Stellar converter = smaller only 400 tons and a little less powerful only 700 per side but it can shrink down to 150 tons

        Torps of all sorts = really small from 1 - 6 tons and low powered 4 - 16

        If I could get the shields working right and the game stabilized I think it would be a very well ballanced game. I still need to work on the projectile family of weps though...(mass, gauss, particle)

        Feel free to try tweaking the shields to get them to work or tell me what I'm doing wrong that is causing it to go whako..

        P.S. sorry for the Tome..


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          I answered on LBs board....

          (btw I doubt that it is "base size" for shields)
          "Football is like chess, only without the dice." Lukas Podolski