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  • more MOO1 probs

    I have a new problem trying to get MOO 1 to work on my comp I follow all of john sulivans instructions and then recieve a message while trying to click on the install shortcut the message is as follows.....

    16 bit MS-DOS subsystem

    the system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft windows application.

    Any help please?

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    I take it that the compat to win95 was used on the install shortcut? I know some motherboards do not support EMS emulation, but that should not be this issue.

    Try using DosBox. I run that when I want to take screen shots as I could not get Hypersnap to capture Moo. It is free and works.


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      Thanks VMXA but I have another Q. How do I maniputlate Dos its been a long time I figured out how to get into the C drive and mount it but I don't know how to open my orion file or any folders or my orion.exe


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        Are you talking about within DosBox/

        t the DosBoz Z prompt

        mount C C:\MPS\Orion

        if that is the path you have.

        When that is complete at DoSBox Z prompt


        Now you will have a C: prompt and can type in

        that will do it, if you are running from the harddrive. If require a CD, it is different.

        go here for the low down: