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Master of Orion II : Revolution mod 1.1

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  • Master of Orion II : Revolution mod 1.1

    I have made a new mod for orion. You can download it here:

    Latest news about it and orion you will find here:

    Mod is selfextract exe file. I strongly suggest to do a fresh clean new install of orion (dos) game and then drop my files into it and overwrite them. Inside exe you will find howtoinstall.txt where full review is done.

    My mod changes alot of in tech tree, it adds new weapons, more armor, shields and firepower, also better cruiser ship. Its whole new game!

    Have fun!

    Bad mod, I dont like it.
    Avarage mod.
    Good mod, nice ideas.
    Superb stuff :)

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    I liked the strength of the cruisers.
    Some things I think are to low on rp.
    Number one tech to low is reflect shield, this forces a torp battle, because 2nd tech to low is torps.
    Torps are very powerful for thier rp 108 dmg on env ovr, so why choose a mislle that can be shot down and does a lot less dmg.
    I'm not certain about shield as we didn't engage in a beam battle, reflect sield is punishing to beam attack and torps do great dmg early. But I think the shields seemed good.
    The chem tech tree and the computer tech tree look very well done. Irrid cels and zort swaped seems almost intuitive glad you saw it, as well as pushing good targetiing comps higher up the tech tree.
    I Rome was not built in a day, revultions take even longer heeh. good first attempt it's good to see people thinking in new changes in tech tree orders and ship systems.

    I could not make vote becuase I liked the ideas in some areas but did not like the choices of others so in some ways I would say good mod, nice ideas in others I would say bad mod I dont like it. So I write in my new candidate to vote for heeh, PK has some good ideas, Cruiser strength nice job, scooby snack for PK
    Checm tree nice job, pat on PK back
    Comp tree nice job, cheers
    Toprs and reflect field, get me my pitch fork and chase PK
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      I am thinking about lowering torpedo damage and moving reflection field and lightning field in other - not so cheap places. I like idea of having mirved merculites, zort armor and iridium in one fast run to 2000 rp vs dueterium, neutronium, non mirved pulson techs. Adamantium is for 4500 rp, so player with zort can think about ignoring neutronium and taking iridiums which greatly improves dynamics of attacks.
      In standard 1.31 cruisers are weak and noone produces them on mass scale. Now the space/cost ratio is much better and quite cheap cruiser is worth to produce in many situations.
      Step - you could vote "avarage" - some good and bad sides.
      In weekend I will think and make some changes in R 1.1 . I will not change name of it cos on many boards there are links to main exe file which have 1.1 in name. So I promised to fix torpedoes, move lightning field and reflection field deeper into tech line. These changes should improve beams and add more balance between weapons.
      Thx for your comments Step!



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        Ok gave an average viote for an average poke with pitch fork and more than a the average pat on the back.