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  • Master of Orion 3 iMOD

    Me and some other guys are playing Master of Orion 3 multiplayer, and it is much fun. But the original game has many extremely frustrating flaws...
    Therefore we created a mod. Our goal was to balance the game, make it more challenging, more interesting and easier to understand - without changing the flair of the original. The outcome is iMOD. Just some information about it:
    • redesigned weapons system with emphasis on beam weapons
    • rebalanced racepicks
    • racial techs
    • improved espionage system
    • working economics
    • many AI improvements (difficulty, military, diplomacy, economy)
    • enhanced graphics and sounds
    • easy installer

    You can find a list containing all changes, a strategy guide, and other helpful documents (like a complete technology tree) on iMODs site. We also put up a forum, where you can ask further questions and help us improve the mod.

    Try the Master of Orion ]l[ iMOD.

    Bring light into the darkness of space!
    Master of Orion 3 iMOD