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    Greetings fellow players! I have recently started a game as Ithkul and after about 100 turns of play I have come to the conclusion that there is no way of having my population on a planet entirely content, as they must either starve, if purely harvesters, or be eaten by harvesters, if on a colony of mixed population. Is there any solution to the problem? And if there is not, does any one have any idea how I can at least import non Ithkul on Ithkul colonies, to serve as food? Thanks!

    P.S. I don't have any hard facts, but I think that the AI is cheating in Hard and Impossible difficulty settings, just as it did in MOO2. Any facts?

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    Harvesters eat "normal" food just like everyone else. When they are on a mixed race planet though they convert others into food or minerals depending on who they are,its a nice bonus and also a great way to have 100% race planets so terraforming isn't wasted. I've only seen one instance where a planet had an ithkul minority that remained a minority throughout the game,that was because there were no additional ithkul to migrate to that planet, so maybe in a few hundred turns they'd have gotten it.

    they won't eat the Non-corporeal guys though, so watch yourself. As for unhappiness just control piracy, and maybe have a Military dea on hand. Their citizenship bonus is pretty good.

    Also the ai does get extra bonuses on higher difficulty,the specifics are in spreadsheets.mob.


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      Thank you Whoha, you have been of great help; not that it greatly changes my style of play, but at least it helps to understand yet another mystery in this riddle of a game!


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        You can always conquer non-Ithkul worlds and set migration. If they have lots of population, they'll eventually move to low-pop Ithkul worlds to serve as food...
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          Just kill them all! Muahahah