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A 3D Space Opera game is in development!

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  • A 3D Space Opera game is in development!

    Hello there! I am developing a 3D Master of Orion like game, and after having created a little engine capable of rendering planets, stars and so on, it is time for me to design the game. You can see some screenshots here (the graphics are not final).

    If you also like this kind of games and would like to contribute in whatever way you can, (even by just contributing new ideas) please visit our forums . This may actually be the 3D answer to the FreeOrion project!

    Thanks for the attention!

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    Posting this in the Other Games forum would probably get more of a response.


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      Ok I'll do that. I hope that I won't be accused of cross-posting..


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        Avenger Dragon,
        I would suggest rummaging through the old posts in this forum. There's quite a bit of discussion regarding the pros and cons of MOO I, II, and III, as well as suggestions for a possible MOO IV.