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Tricking other races to declare war on each other.

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  • Tricking other races to declare war on each other.

    In Moo 1, I read in a post a long time ago, and I cannot find it now,where someone said "there are many ways' to trick other races to declare war on each other. The benefit being if they declare war on each otheri that they are much less likely to vote against me in the counsel. It is a real drag after struggling to expand and to keep up with tech in the beginning of the game, that the other races vote for the most powerful race (e.g. the Klackons) simply because they are the most powerful and no one has wanted to oppose them at the beginning of the game when weak - and go to the final war on the first or second vote of the counsel.

    All the effort at the beginning of the game is just wasted.

    So, if I had a way to make them go to war, early, I would be happy.

    Does anyone have any suggestions.

    All help appreciated.
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    OOps, Moo 1

    This is while playing Moo 1.

    Pardon me for ommitting that in the orginal post.


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      Um, just ask?

      Really, there's an option in the treaties section of the diplo dialogue that allows you to ask a race to declare war on another race. Depending on their relations with you and the race in question, as well as on their personality, they may agree (though you might need to bribe them.)

      In fact, it's almost embarassingly easy to get AIs to declare war on one another in the game. Could easily be considered broken, in fact.


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        Broken I would say and I don't use it.

        If you are forced into final war on the first or second vote, that is quite an accomplishment.

        It is rare for anyone to get all the votes they need on the first ballot or so. Usually one abstain or two is enough to stop it.

        Well I can't really recall that well on maps not small. If you are very unfortunate and get a real bad start location, it can happen on hard or impossible.

        Often even those are ok as you may do so badly that you are not nominated in the first few rounds.

        I have had it a few times, on an very early vote, not sure if it was the second though. I think I was maybe Darloks and the Humans were top dog. Humans are dangerous in small maps for the vote.