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  • Post results of League games here

    Post games with nformation about them like this:

    Game number
    Races: Player, outcome.
    Players Coments
    Saves if any.

    Game 1
    Silicoid: Siron
    Alkari: SkyBandit
    Elerians: StepNRazor, Defeated BySkyBandit, last place
    Gnolams: Zirkahn, Defeated by Siron 3rd place
    StepNRazor Comments:
    Siron and Z battle many turns Z's +50 beams vs Sirons tranporter fleet. Sky Fleet whiped out mine and he had free reing of my teritories.
    The game crashed after a long battle with Siron vs Z AI. After a crash I decided to AI I had no hoppe in throughing out Sky's fleet. Even though I Z was defeated by Siron Prior to SkyBandit whipeing out my chances, Z put up a much better fight with Siron than I di vs Sky so Z earned 3rd place.
    Not sure if Sky and Siron are gong to play this out and not sure Sky AI'd also so that is between Sky and Siron to post.
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    Game 2
    Mrrshan: JB-BigKat 1st place
    Silicoid: Siron 2nd place
    Elerians: StepNRazor, 3rd place
    Gnolams: Zirkahn, Defeated by Siron last place
    StepNRazors comments.
    JB-Will handliy win this one teching his subCrea as Siron and me battle back and forth. Siron fgets the edge and 2nd place for being the agressor. Z had a bad map and did very well to hang in and repulse Siron.
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      Game 3
      Mrrshan: JB-BigKat 1st place
      Elerians: Seppel 2nd place
      Klacton: Glimmer 3rd place
      Gnolams: Zirkahn last place

      Comments: Long game lots of disqs around turn 120ish Z left about the time the game was between jb and sepple. Me n jb were both creative I had nasty start was behind them both Jb did great with creative and seppel surrendered at turn 156. Seppel had to defend vs. z and me for mid game. Despite seps fleet size JB had him outreached and outpopped and would eventually win.


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        Game 4
        Meklar: Graylord 1st place
        Mrrshan: JB-BigKat 2nd place
        ?: Druzhio 3rd place
        Elerians: StepNRazor, 4th place

        Graylords Comments.
        3 creatives Gray/JB/Druz, Step was aqua/Subt. I took out dragon around turn 85 and had good production leaders. was planning on attacking Druz who was nearby but then Step took a dragon that was close by. Sent 3 BBs and defeated his fleet and took his monster world. took all of Steps pop which put my pop over 200. Druz conceeded but JB fought on. we both got warp diss and had some conn problems so JB agreed to call it. I had large pop lead 280 vs 190 and I had most of the map. thanks for game guys, Gray

        edit: Druz why arent you signed up for a race?
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          Druz is Gnolam
          check the roster for current playyer race associations.

          This thread
          Kali League Battle Roster, let the games begin!!


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            Game 6
            Alkari: SkyBandit 1st place
            Gnolams: Zirkahn 2nd place
            Elerians: StepNRazor 3rd place
            Silicoids: MaxAlban Last place.

            Domino effect here.
            Max went for a Meeb, Z jumped Max from a wh.
            Sky jumps Z as he is on Max.
            Sky caught me before C3 and takes a sys. I get him out but he wil be back with posi comp, C3, warp disp =(
            Game crashes at a battle screen I conceed.


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              The current team ratings are:

              mrrshan 1858
              alkari 1837
              meklars 1829
              silicoids 1800
              klackons 1789
              gnolams 1746
              elerians 1742

              (The teams Bulrathi, Humans, Sakkra and Trilarians havent played yet.)

              The Elo Ratings are explained in some other thread here (with wikipedia link). Summary:

              1) Initial ratings are 1800 for all teams.
              2) We have no bonuses for now. (some bonuses were proposed in the other thread, but no feedback yet)
              3) Score is 3-2-1-0 in 4ways and 4-3-2-1-0 in 5ways etc. and 1-0 in 2v2 or 3v3.
              4) K-value: 20 for Xways and 60 for 2vs2 and 3vs3

              There is an excel sheet in the attachment. 4 Tables there:

              - teams: the 11 teams with their members
              - Elo Calculation Xways: You can find the calculation for the 5th game there.
              - Elo Calculation 2vs2: Separately because of different K-value.
              - Ratings: The current (and old) ratings

              I think the example makes clear how to use this sheet. The order of the teams is identical on all four tables. Copy and paste is
              therefore useful:

              a) Copy the current ratings from "Ratings" to the both elo calculation tables (RA)
              b) Delete the old scores (SA).
              c) Enter the new score (SA). (Only one zero there!)
              d) Copy the new ratings (RA') to the ratings table.
              e) see a)
              Attached Files
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                Alkari: SkyBandit 1st
                Meklar: Graylord 2nd place
                Elerians: StepNRazor, 3rd place
                Gnolams: Zirkahn, last place
                StepNRazor Comments:
                Everyone went early battle tech this game no robo/suppers.
                Sky's uniTol had a nice UR in HW and he paid Z an early visit.
                Gray +20 bb 2 dd duet fleet edged my bb trit c1.
                Sky came to Gray as gray was moving on me.
                I also had a UR, we should have set some restart conditions but it was late start game.

                Siron is the formulau you used like the one on this link?\
                The formula to calculate a player's new rating based on his/her previous one is:

                Rn = Ro + C * (S - Se) (1)


                Rn = new rating
                Ro = old rating
                S = score
                Se = expected score
                C = constant


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                  Yes. New ratings would be:

                  alkari 1862
                  mrrshan 1858
                  meklars 1834
                  silicoids 1800
                  klackons 1789
                  elerians 1737
                  gnolams 1721
                  "Football is like chess, only without the dice." Lukas Podolski


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                    I see noone is reporting 4 way games. To keep alive the new SL I played yesterday a 4 way. Yes yes - miracles happen

                    It was a polish squad game. Cabman, Jano, Alfikus ( his first blood on kali ) and me.

                    Alfikus is not attached to any team yet. Where we can put him?

                    Glorius Alkari Empire won

                    1. PK ( Alkari )
                    2. Cabman ( Human )
                    3. Jano ( Meklar )
                    4. Alfikus ( unkown )

                    No bans, no restarts, normal game on large map. Jano and me uni tols, Cab uni aqa prod lr arti, Alf uni aqa lr 2 prod. I had best starting position on map and urich ng 10 pop in hw. In T9x my double invasion on Jano and Alf succeded. I bombed several planets and killed some ships. Cabman attacked them from other side and took one planet but my fleet was already in place and forced him to retreat. I had big pop. Easy win this time. Thx for game guys!



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                      no worries.

                      many 4way players are on vacation (most important druz and step) or had barely time to play a 4way (including me).
                      only 4way i played recently contained z and nalla and was therefore unrated.

                      That s prolly an issue that the active 4way players z nalla druz and db are in the same team. When Step is back we should think about an solution here.

                      I would prefer that Alf joins a team with 3 members if he likes one of them. (and not alkari, your last game couldnt be rated then.)

                      that means: Mrsshan, Trilarian or Bulrathi.

                      But teams with 4 members are also ok.
                      "Football is like chess, only without the dice." Lukas Podolski


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                        only 4way i played recently contained z and nalla and was therefore unrated.
                        This really a bit strange, cos we report here just ~1/4 of Xways which were played on kali.

                        I had alone 5-10 Xways, since we had "new StarLeague", which were all nonLeague-Games, cos 2 from same race, while others on different races, or 1Player didnt choose a race.

                        A league, which is considering only some games, while most games were not considered, isnīt so good imo.

                        We should really finda a fair solution


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                          "This really a bit strange, cos we report here just ~1/4 of Xways which were played on kali."

                          I think it is more ~1/10. I hope Step is back soon.
                          "Football is like chess, only without the dice." Lukas Podolski


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                            Alkari 1888
                            Mrrshan 1858
                            Meklars 1823
                            Humans 1813
                            Silicoids 1800
                            Klackons 1789
                            Trilarians 1773
                            Elerians 1737
                            Gnolams 1721
                            "Football is like chess, only without the dice." Lukas Podolski


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                              Game 8
                              Mrrshan: AlexD 1st (uni aqua sub prod1 -sd -gc rep)
                              Humans: Cabman 2nd place (uni aqua prod1 rhw 40att -sd -gc rep)
                              Gnolams: Druzhio 3rd place (uni aqua crea -spy rep)
                              Silicoids: Siron last place (uni aqua prod1 warlord 20att -spy poorhw rep)
                              large org rich average tech, /minstart /nobh /nosplint /planets=4
                              tol, 2prod, omni, tele ban.

                              AlexD had good neighborhood to store his pop and had luck that Cab or me didnt arrive at his
                              whs. Druz had no system for his first cship and landed it quite late on his hydra.

                              I had a good enough start to kill an usual prodrace but when I had early contact to Cabs 40att race I knew that I was doomed. Due to his 2artis (med terran and l tundra) 3 parsecs near hw he had already wartech and supercomps. He also had the option to get ini with his race so I builded a lot of junk and attacked earlier than intended. I could attack him from 2 sides because of a long wh. This wh was even a bit dark displayed (I actually had to look twice to detect it, cab forget about it completely):

                              So I had luck and was able to invade his arti - saw his bb at hw - retreated through wh - attacked from the other side - invaded a further huge terran - these 2 invasions gave me trit, rhull, aug eng and neural - his bb chased my fleet - retreated to my hw & refitted to int stab - his bb at my border - 2battles at his op - bb retreated seriously damaged - chased him - 3rd battle i was just able to shot him down to 1 combat speed (when I kill it I was prolly able to win that 4way cause of cabs amazing stuff - he refitted to c3 & me too - static warfare - in the meantime alex outpopped us and would arrive soon through wh at my border - so it was time to call it.

                              It was really a lot of fun for me. Hope we have the next SL-4way even this week. thx for the game
                              Alkari 1888
                              Mrrshan 1881
                              Meklars 1823
                              Humans 1821
                              Klackons 1789
                              Trilarians 1773
                              Silicoids 1770
                              Elerians 1737
                              Gnolams 1720
                              "Football is like chess, only without the dice." Lukas Podolski