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    Originally posted by Brutalisk
    It's ironic isn't it? EA and Microsoft are making millions out of re-using the same game over and over again with simply a new face... while companies who try to push the envelope go bankrupt...
    Originally posted by Destroyer
    The problem is Atari has evolved from one big company to another. And they have learnt to refine the money-making process.
    Orionically, Atari were one of the few games producers who were consistently prepared to push the envelope throughout their history. And eventually it got them bust.

    What you see as Atari now is NOT the atari of old. Its just Infogrammes, who bought the rights to the name Atari, and did some corporate rebranding.
    We tend to scoff at the beliefs of the ancients. But we can't scoff at
    them personally, to their faces, and this is what annoys me.


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      It took only afew hundred dollar in the beginning to make computer game not counting marketing cost which didnot enter the picture in the beginning. Today it can cost many million of dollars to make than computer game, not counting marketing cost which exsit but for compareing purpose show why cut-end computer game companies are rare today.
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        Originally posted by Destroyer View Post
        With 4x genre in the toilet and the RPG genre buried under the notion that"3d is cool", I can sit back and "enjoy" a further decade of 1st person shooters and rts, and the occasional crappy MMPORPG.

        Or I can get myself a life...

        ... erm, maybe not.
        Holy ****!

        I just spent the last decade playing 1st person shooters and rts, and the occasional crappy MMPORPG.

        Now, about getting a life....
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