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  • Turn 110-120

    Turn 111:
    After some mysterious time warps the turns procede as normal, a biosphere was completed this turn on our first colony.

    Turn 116:
    A missile base was completed on our first colony to assist in defending against the silicoid threat, so far our outpost on vela is intact, though for how long remains to be seen.

    Turn 117:
    Our overworked slaves on Darlenia one have completed yet another building, their space port.

    Turn 118:
    Our scientists have discovered the field of Positronics, this gives us:
    1)Even faster targeting computers for those beams we don't have.
    2)A planetary supercomputer which they promise will only be used for scientific purposes, but I think we all know better.
    3)A holo Simulator, somehow getting people to waste time makes them more productive... I don't know.

    Our next target will be advanced metalurgy, with its tritanium and fuel cells.

    Turn 119:
    Yep, wasting time helps farmers grow more food...
    the first holo simulator was finished on our homeworld, a super computer will follow it.

    The super computer was purchased for 160 billion credits.

    Turn 120:
    The first ever super computer finished on our homeworld.

    We have 200 research per turn on our homeworld now.
    Vela is still under our control.

    After we get Pollution processors should we go on to terraforming, or magnetic fields 900?

    When should we start ships?
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    Biosphere on colony.
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      space port on colony
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        Holo simulator on homeworld
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            the known universe.
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              test tubes per turn.
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                I am not sure we can give you any advice on the tech after PP. It will depend on what is going on at that time. But you can probaly ram through most of the low RP techs we have skipped at that time, if nothing is pressing.

                You may have to press on to terraforming and Subfarms, I have always found that with this type of race (low production), you need all the pop you can get and freeing up some farmers will help. Until those small planets get terraformed and have farms, they will be sluggish. Not to mention if any blockade should occur.

                As to ships, it is hard to make any before you get enough punch to do them in at least under 20 turns. Sometimes you get in a spot where you can start one and just keep switching it to a structure.

                Do we have any spies? I loaded the game and forgot to check? If not we need to get a few soon. You do not want to provide them with a free supercomp tech.


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                  hmm, ok hire some spies, good call.


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                    and it would currently take 13 turns to knock out a carrier battleship(9 interceptors,reinforced hull,heavy armor) if we go that route mass drivers become quite good since they will up the firepower interceptors get.


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                      I have no clues about intercepters as I never use them. I use beams only on BB, unless I am a tele.


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                        interceptors are good early game, but quickly go the way of missiles due to point defense. They are cheap though, only 3 BC per bay, though 30 space.


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                          I guess they come from Fighter Bays, if so that is a tech I never have, unless I am creative. If I am vrative, I am not making any ships that early.


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                            Let's ask me this way:

                            Do we really need them?

                            Might it not be better using this production to produce spies?

                            Don't forget, we have the Darlok picture, we might want to make the best out of it


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                              Darlock picture != spying though, so ours will suck. We will need a ship if we don't want to suffer blockades, but we can build 4 or 5 spies and then a ship, but Im going to wait for PP & mass drivers before even thinking about a ship.