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How do you get MOO1 to run in XP?

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  • How do you get MOO1 to run in XP?

    Exactly as the subject do you get moo1 to run in windows xp?

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    I just install it and configure it to use the DOS IRQ and DMA address as if I had the original sound blaster and it works fine with sound.


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      The properties looks different bewtten some XP systems and especially Home and PRO.
      Here is my current shortcut to Orion:
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        I did nothing to Orion.exe itself.


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          I did that and when i run it. The dos windows opens then crashes.


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            If it's crashing, make sure you linked your shortcut to orion.exe and try turning the sound off.


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              Also, make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card: my card didn't run properly at 640x480 until I updated the drivers.


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                What does crashes mean? Do you see the game load and then the game closes? Look at the pif to see if close on exit is check, uncheck it if so.
                This will let you see any msgs. If it says reconfigure, try will no sound.


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                  it says FONTS.LBX could not be found.


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                    Sounds like some is wrong with the install. Did you get this from a download? If you installed from a CD or diskettes, copy the whole thing into \MPS\Orion and then install.
                    I presume that the file is actually not in the directory.


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                      I think you're running it from the wrong place. Are you trying to run it from the CD itself? You should have a folder in the base directory called Orion. Run the orion.exe from there.


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                        A sure way to run it in XP is to download a program called VDM Sound from this url

                        Then, install it, and right click the exe file and click "Run with VDM Sound". Success guarantied!

                        By the way, MOO1 is the best game ever (can compare with pirates only). Sad there's no multiplayer.
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                          Still no luck in XP

                          In search of assistance..... After reading up on the XP posts--

                          * I am running XP Pro
                          * Have made a shortcut to ORION.EXE with EMS memory set at 2048 (have tried all other settings as well)
                          * Have tried running in all compatibility modes (Win95-XP)
                          * When I run the shortcut, I just get a black DOS box that says "You must have at least 1024K of expanded memory"

                          When I go into DOS command prompt and type MEM, I get:

                          655360 bytes total conventional memory
                          655360 bytes available to MS-DOS
                          598176 largest executable program size

                          1048576 bytes total contiguous extended memory
                          0 bytes available contiguous extended memory
                          941056 bytes available XMS memory
                          MS-DOS resident in High Memory Area

                          I've even tried running ORION.EXE with VDMSound, and get the same "You must have at least 1024K of expanded memory" message.

                          I can run the Install program fine. But just can't run the game. Am I missing something here? This is driving me nuts.


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                            Yes will not see any EMS with the Mem comand. None exist, it is simulated by XP. I run with no compat selected.


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                              I'm sorry for not explaining the use of VDM Sound in detail.

                              Go to the following page

                              and download there:

                              1) VDMSound version 2.0.4
                              2) VDMSound 2.0.4 update 2
                              3) VDMSound Launchpad

                              Install in the same order.

                              Now, once you have installed, you will have two commands in your context menu (right-click menu that appears when you point and right-click orion.exe). You should select the one with little symbol next to it. It will start a wizard that will allow you to make a pif file associated with orion.exe without any trouble and the need to know anything about freeing conventional memory, utilising the upper memory block and providing extra extended memory or enabling expanded memory emulation. Just a few clicks away from a trouble-free setup of MOO1 in windows environment (you can freely use a default configuration since it emulates 4 MBytes of expanded and 16 MBytes of extended memory, or you can configure the options yourself to best suit your needs).

                              Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, you can send me an email directly.