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Dark Avatar review by Solver

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    I'm also proud to say that the review has been noted on GalCiv2's official website at
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      Yes, and they said it was one of the most detailed yet, which is notable considering all of the reviews that GalCiv DA has gotten!




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        The new expansion adds so much that it's hard to know just where to begin. New civ options, more complex star systems, new espionage elements and improved diplomacy, an entirely new campaign, better graphics, and a number of other improvements make Dark Avatar a sure bet for fans of space strategy games. Perhaps the most significant and satisfying gameplay change is the inclusion of environmental restrictions for colonization. In Dread Lords we, like many players, preferred to grab as many habitable planets as possible before worrying too much about things like infrastructure or technology or warships. Sure, it sometimes left you open for a massive attack, but it was the surest way to establish a solid foundation for the middle game.