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Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade released today!

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  • Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade released today!

    Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade is released!
    • New Civilizations Builder
    • Revamped Invasion system
    • Galactic Citizens
    • Espionage
    • New Races and Civilizations
    • and much more!
    Features trailer:

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    The Ludicrous update is available now!

    Full info and changelog:

    The new version replaces the largest sized galaxy option with a new one called "Ludicrous" which doubles the maximum size over the previous biggest map size ("insane size") and includes a host of quality of life improvements, balance updates, bug fixes and much more.


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      Island Dog: I played GalCiv 2, but my cheap laptop cannot handle GalCiv3 but that is not why I poasted here.

      I am a long-time regular on Apolyton (ask about me) and I just want to say thank you. Even if this administration will not say it I will. Thank you for taking the time to poast on this ancient website. I know there are moar active fansites out there yet you still poast here. I, for one, appreciate it.

      And for argument's sake, I think M003 is the best space simulation evar made. I consider it the "Dwarf Fortress" of the space 4x genre. No disrespect. Think about it.
      Saklas, להזמין ש‬ל הזבוב, Trained by Ba'al Zevuv.


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        The v2.3 update is out today with substantial AI adjustments, game re-balancing, bug fixes, and more made to both games with some additional Crusade-only features.

        Video overview:

        More info and changelog:


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          GalCiv III is 70% off in the Steam Summer Sale, and there is also a bundle where you can get GalCiv III and the Crusade expansion for $19.99.