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  • Withdrawal has already set in

    I was working on an Altaran United Federation of Planets sandbox game in a huge galaxy (with homemade Star Trek-style ships Ė way cool!) and got the Blue Screen of Death. A graphics card error (NV_disp.dll) now reigns when I try to play GalCiv2, and nothing Iíve done (update graphics, bios, chipset drivers; verify no application conflicts; CPU not malfunctioning) has worked to correct the problem. Although my OS may be corrupt (!!!), I have to conclude that either my GForce 5200 graphics card or RAM is toast on my 3.5 yr old Dell.

    So, with a motherboard (Intel DQ35JOE) and CPU (Core 2 Quad Q6600) gift from my brother in law Iím going to build a new rig. I havenít done that since the early 90s, and I wonder if it will be as big a pain in the tush as it was then. Knowing Microsoft and XP (no Vista for me, thank-you-very-much) I expect to be screaming - a lot.

    Fortunately SMAC still works!!! Ah, my ever present and much loved old standby. I can hear the beautiful Deirdre calling to me, whispering in my ear ďJust one more turn, my love.Ē


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    I've been plaing SMAX for my recent TBS fix. Will be getting back into GalCiv2 soon..

    Sins came out too.. so that was eating up some of my strategy game playtime.


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      On a whim I fired up GC2A and started a new game. It worked fine. I guess the file was corrupted - so end of problem.

      Boy, but I wish I'd thought of that before spending so many hours fiddling with drivers and reinstalling software.

      But at least GC2 works again!



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        Well I'm glad you got it worked out.


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          Another update.

          It seems it isn't a corrupt file after all. The next game I started (largest map, common everything) went fine, but when I tried to load I got the same problem.

          Maybe the file size is just too much for my PC.

          That's OK. All the components for my new PC arrived today. I'd hope I don't have this problem with my quad core and 4GB RAM and a spiffy GForce 8600 graphics card!



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            Keep us updated.