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Veteran PC gamer - New to consoles (Tough choices)

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  • Veteran PC gamer - New to consoles (Tough choices)

    I am currently a PC-only gamer with a not so bad machine - Ryzen 7/RTX 2070/34 Ultra-wide etc..

    I have been thinking for some time of switching over to console gaming, just because I can't stand sitting in front of a PC anymore. My day-job is Development (Web/Desktop) and I take that home with me as well.

    So I hate being in front of the screen almost 24/7 for either work or play.

    So I am looking mainly for consoles as a way to relax while playing, no longer having to alt-tab every few minutes to check if the CI/CD has completed or if that particular service has failed.

    Anyway, to the point. I know next year there should be launches for the PS5 and MS Scarlet, but I am here to ask you guys if it is worth my time to get an XBox S or X or a PS4 pro now and then get the upcoming consoles when they launch?