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    Fight Against Moisture with These Top 5 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots

    If you are looking for a simple way to both have fun and exercise effectively at the same time, I hope that hiking has crossed your mind as a great option. With hiking, you can check off the boxes one by one: Is it simple? It requires you nothing more than an active spirit and some spare time! Is it fun and enjoyable? Of course, who could even say that it is not! And is it an effective form of exercise? Well, that depends on what you mean by effective.

    ✬✬✬ Selected For You: Top Rated Hiking Boots - The Best Hiking Boots

    Another thing to remember while on a hike besides remembering to stay hydrated often, is to remember to bring with you a good pair of hiking boots that will not upset your feet and ruin the entire experience. Experts will tell you that there are quite a number of key qualities to determine what makes a good pair of hiking boots. For beginners, other than essentials like comfort and support, another vital quality one should look for is the waterproofing ability.

    Nowadays it should be easy to tell a good pair of waterproof hiking boots thanks to them having GTX in their name. GTX tells you that the boots should come with at least a $200 price tag as well as incredible water resistant ability. But that alone does not tell you which boots are superior among the competition! Hence, this is why we have compiled our list of the best waterproof hiking boots currently available.

    1- Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX

    What more can be said about these awesome boots? Easily winning the love from many hiking enthusiasts and smashing the top spot one review after another among the many online reviews about top rated hiking boots, these Salomon Quest 4d 3 GTX boots are definitely here for the exact same wonderful reason. These hiking boots are made to help you become a true mountain conquering champion by lightening your every step significantly with their superb ankle support.

    On first look they might be a bit too rugged, but do not be fooled by the way they look as these boots are quite lighter than one might expect them to be. Made from breathable materials, these boots are quite ventilated for a pair of leather boots, ensuring that your feet can catch some fresh air even during the warmer months. You can count on extra reliability from this pair of fully supportive boots.

    The most notable feature of these boots has not been mentioned, and it is their waterproof membrane that possesses incredible water resistance as hinted by the renowned Gore-Tex name in the name of the boots. This notable feature allows these boots to further be the top rated waterproof hiking boots from already being the best hiking boots of all time.

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    2- La Sportiva Stream GTX

    If you are a lover of fastpacking, you will definitely love these extremely light hiking boots that were made specifically for the active yet casual people who just want to spend their time being drenched in the sun. The two-layer design of breathable mesh outer layer on top of a water resistant inner layer certified by the prestigious GTX name for incredible waterproofing ability allows these boots to be a perfect companion built for your more casual fast trips.

    But that is not the end to all the technological efforts La Sportiva has put into these boots, as the brand has taken extra miles to insert an air channel system under the midsole of these boots to improve breathability even further. After all, the key reason these boots were made in the first place is to keep your feet comfortably nimble and feather-light while you are enjoying the hiking journey.

    While these boots are better suited for casual hikes, they can easily hold their ground against the rougher rocky terrains as they are equipped with Vibram sole for better ground grip. All in all, these are a decent choice for a pair of good waterproof hiking boots for people who want to become more active with summer hiking and backpacking trips yet find it too much of a chore to get technical with choosing a pair of hiking boots.

    3- ADIDAS Terrex Free Hiker GTX

    Are you someone who is looking for a pair of boots that is geared more toward light trails or casual walks on the city streets? Well, look no further because these ADIDAS Terrex Free Hiker GTX boots are the right match for you. From hiking shoes to hiking boots, ADIDAS has created quite a phenomenon for their name as they have defined a new classification for hiking boots.

    One key feature to these boots when compared to other previous models is the implementation of the Gore-Tex lining into the design, equipping these boots with the waterproofing ability against damp weather. These boots can fit your feet comfortably while still allowing plenty of air ventilating room in the toe box for breathability. These features make these boots easily able to cut your long outdoor adventures short with their amazing support.

    Other than the aforementioned, these boots also come with the usual rubber outsole of a typical pair of Terrex boots that can provide strong gripping support in most conditions. Taking into account the fact that these boots are unbelievably light and that they breathe better in comparison to other pairs of boots bearing the GTX name, these boots have been hailed by some hikers to be the best waterproof walking boots.

    4- Mammut Kento High GTX

    These Mammut Kento High GTX boots are quite a total package in terms of what people demand from a good pair of hiking boots. Being highly equipped all around for a pair of fully supportive boots, these hiking boots are quite ideal for adventures in the mountains. There is a small piece of every good feature mixed in each and every pair of these boots, varying from being versatile and lightweight to incredible water resistance thanks to them bearing the GTX name.

    These boots are designed to provide you not only with ultimate comfort while you are putting the boots on, but also with lasting durability from the outer protective layer and the high quality sole that protects you from even the most extreme of mountainous conditions to help the boots withstand rough contact with sharp mountain rocks. Add in the aforementioned waterproofing ability and you have yourself an impressive pair of formidable boots.

    Another notable feature about these boots is that they have very short to virtually no break-in time, allowing them to be available in perfect condition straight out of the box. Definitely a man’s best buddy for mountainous adventures, you will easily find these boots to be your most trusted companion in no time.

    5- Lowa Renegade GTX

    For all major brands out there on the market, each of them will definitely have a product that they are most proud of that they call their own signature product, especially when it comes to hiking footwear manufacturers. For the Lowa brand, the Lowa Renegade GTX is definitely their most impressive product. These are particularly comfortable and supportive boots that feel very light on the feet despite how they look.

    Within the other competing options in the midweight league, this pair of boots is taking the lead. These boots might not be the most flexible and nimble pair of boots for some, as they can be a bit too rugged for a casual and quick outing trip. For all the features that they come equipped with, a pair of Lowa Renegade GTX is surprisingly very light.

    And last but not least, being the bearer of the prestigious GTX name means that these boots are equipped with a layer of waterproof membrane with incredible water resistance ability for optimized performance. Any seasoned hiker would easily fall in love with these boots, and these boots can easily stand among the ranks of the Best Hiking Boots .


    One of the qualities to judge how good a pair of boots is the water resistance ability. While the GTX name should tell you which boots are waterproofed and which ones are not, it cannot tell you which are the better ones among the fierce competitors in the market. We hope that you have found a good option from our list above, and will start your next hiking adventure very soon.
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