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  • Offworld Trading Company

    Offworld Trading Company has been updated with Steam Workshop support!

    With this update:
    • Modding xml data for buildings, units, resources, and more
    • Writing your own C# code that can execute alongside the game's code
    • Accessing Steam Workshop easily through the game
    • Easy access to your work with a new "Mods" screen on the Start menu
    • Downloading other game mods from around the world

    More info can be found here:

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    The Blue Chip Ventures DLC is available today!


    Learn valuable management skills and become a better executive by undertaking a unique scenario from one of these different categories:
    • Supply and Demand: They want it? Youíve got it. Focus on monopolizing resources and learn the right times to shift your focus to keep yourself ahead of your competition.
    • Play Well With Others: Canít we all just get along? Focus on how best to handle your opponents - and also how to work well on a team with your allies to seal your victory.
    • Long-Term Planning: Youíre in it for the long haul! Deal with debt strategies and turn around a losing game through careful planning.
    • Challenge: Playtime is over! These scenarios will force you to take all of the concepts youíve learned and execute them flawlessly in order to win.



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      The Jupiter's Forge expansion was announced today!

      More info:

      Announcement trailer:


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        Thrive on the Volcanic Moon of Io and Crush your Competition in Jupiter's Forge, available today!


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          Conspicuous Consumption DLC was released today and brings cosmetic upgrades for advanced buildings with custom art, animations, and audio lines.

          More info:

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            Thanks for sharing. Started to watch!


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              The new Limited Supply DLC is available today which lets you play over a dozen unique and challenging scenarios about humanity's settling of Mars and aid the growing colonies to ensure their futures.

              Details here:



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                Offworld Trading Company is having a FREE weekend on Steam starting today and is on sale up to 65% off! We're also streaming the game on Steam.


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                  Does OTC have a strong community behind it? Is it easy to find people to play with?


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                    Play Offworld Trading company for FREE with the new multiplayer client! The new Market Corrections DLC is also available today.

                    Free Multiplayer:

                    Market Corrections: