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  • Star Control: Origins

    Star Control: Origins was announced today along with the opening of the Founders program!

    "Star Control is ultimately about us Earthlings exploring the galaxy, finding and talking to strange alien civilizations, and hopefully living to tell the tale," said Wardell. "We are hopeful those who remember the original trilogy will like the direction we’re taking here while at the same time introducing a whole new generation to the awesomeness of a game that combined action, adventure, and roleplaying in a sci-fi game simultaneously."

    Star Control: Origins is scheduled for release on PC and consoles with the PC release scheduled for 2017.

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    Star Control: Origins pre-orders begin today! You will get a limited time pre-order discount price and access to the Super Melee beta coming soon.

    More info:

    Pre-order trailer:

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      Star Control: Origins Fleet Battles Beta begins today!


      Star Control: Origins is a science-fiction adventure game set in an open universe that puts the player as the captain of Earth's first interstellar vessel on a mission to find allies to help save humanity from certain annihilation.

      The beta unlocks the Fleet Battles feature, where you'll assemble ships in a fleet and engage in battle with fleets controlled by either the computer, humans via the Internet, or even friends sitting at the same PC.

      You can literally design your own ships to use in combat using the Ship Crafting system, or you can download ships designed by others to play with. Ship Crafting not only allows you to decide what weapons and defenses a ship has, but allows total control of how a ship looks.

      Check out CEO Brad Wardell's guided tour to the beta here!
      More info here:


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        There are about 3,000 unique planets that are split into roughly 75 different classes. The newest dev journal shows how we create our planet classes through a mixture of procedural generation and designer balance.