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Deus Ex - Mankind divided

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  • Deus Ex - Mankind divided

    I enjoyed previous Deus Ex games, but I've heard a lot of bad press over microtransactions in this release.

    Anyone played it, and is it worth buying the basic game if I have no intention of paying for additional in-game content boosts.
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    One of my co-workers plays the game right now, and he has said nothing but good things about the game. He didn't even mention any micro-transactions. In fact, he praises the open-world gameplay, and the fact that you can decided by yourself how you are playing the game. He is trying to be steathy, and non-lethal as far as it is possible. But sometimes you make a mistake, and you'll have to use force. However, the game allows for this approach as well. When he's done I'm gonna borrow it and play it through myself, I could come back then with a more substansial update