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Dominions 4 forum on Apolyton?

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  • Dominions 4 forum on Apolyton?

    A thing to consider - right now the most popular Dominions 4 community forum is on Desura

    However, Desura service was bought by Bad Juju Games, and Bad Juju Games filled for bankruptcy. So AFAIK registrations on Desura forums are closed, and Dominions 4 community may be left without a forum. Maybe now it's a good time to pick up another game for Apolyton, if the owners or administration is interested.
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    I've never played Dominions 4 so wouldn't be any help on the content side of things, but am open to adding a forum for it if there is interest. I see some people still posting there at Desura, is the community there discussing finding a place to move to?
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      I asked around, there are also Steam forums (they're horrible but it's Steam so new players will come there), and there is also an old forum on Invisionfree. Well, i guess it's pointless just to make a forum if there will be no content and players won't know about it.

      Desura forum is still active, yes.
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        Awesome news about Bruce Geryk! Testament to how great this game is that the same guy would come back and write this one...8 years later? I fondly remember the issue of CGW where he played one of his coworkers (I think at Dom2). Don't recall who won, but I remember one of the sides was Rlyeh, and either way it got me to buy the game.

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