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  • Kisnard Online - Free Medieval MMORPG

    So glad to have found these forums, thanks to a really old Dransik post. I have been working on my my own mmorpg, a Dransik tribute, and wanted to share here.

    I have been developing my own mmorpg(for more than 3 years now - 09/03/2011). Thought I should also make a post here as I am trying to do some promotion.

    Enough of my jabbering, here is the link. and my forums are Would love to see some of you around, especially since my forums are so dead :X *cricket, cricket*

    Here are some screenshots... it is real time action, with pvp, looting, tradeskills, weapon skills, lvling, stats, quests, guilds, and much more. More screenshots and news on my main page and forums. These below screenshots are from my features page.