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RED AEGIS: Dungeons & Dragons meets Sid Meier's Civilization

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  • RED AEGIS: Dungeons & Dragons meets Sid Meier's Civilization

    I wanted to draw your attention to a new roleplaying game currently on Kickstarter called RED AEGIS.

    It's an epic, millennia-spanning, tabletop roleplaying game where you "command successive generations of heroes from the setting's ancient past to the far future–from axe-wielding barbarians to space marines packing gravity hammers, and everything in between."

    Check it out.

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    I see it got funded but the video failed to interest me at all.
    Try for discussion and debate.


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      For me personally, no role-playing game can compare to dungeon and dragons. I've been playing this game almost since the release and I'm just already addicted to it. Compared to other games, it stands out for its unusual gameplay and variety of classes. Personally, I'm still impressed of D&D fifth edition classes
      I recommend that you play dungeon and dragons if you haven't, and any game will seem unworthy of your attention.
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