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Spore Creature Editor - Tips & Tricks

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  • Spore Creature Editor - Tips & Tricks

    Looking for some tips & tricks for the creature editor? This might help you a bit

    Paint like

    Ever wanted to paint your new creature using the same style as one of the other creatures you have in your collection? Then you might want to try out the 'Paint Like' feature, which can be found in the Paint menu at the bottom. Clicking one of the icons brings up the Sporepedia, where you can select the creature you want to borrow the paint settings from.

    More animations

    The editors 'Test Drive' mode has a lot of animations ready to try out, but the editor has more animations "hidden" in the 'Build' mode. Up in the creature stats bad you can click on the icons to make your creature do exactly what the icon says.

    Advanced rotation

    When you have an item selected you can press TAB key to show the more advanced rotation options. This gives you more precision than when using the ball to rotate the items

    Advanced limb useage

    Want to add a tail split in two you can do it like this: First add an arm limb to the back of your creature. Move the first two ball points together and keep the third ball points split apart. Then remove the hand to avoid it looking like a misplaced arm.

    You can also attach one limb to another and rip limbs apart using the CTRL key. Attach a limb to your creature, CTRL+left mouse click on the part of the limb you want detached to select it. Also by holding down the CTRL key when moving a new arm to your leg opens up the possibility to attach it


    By holding down the ALT key while left-clicking (and dragging) on an item or limb on your creature you can clone that object

    Different mouths

    You can create different mouths by making the mouth very small, then move another item onto the same spot as your mouth. Depending on what items you add, you might have to enlarge them, to avoid the "real" mouth from showing.

    In my example creature (called Jay) I have used a Jellybutton and a Nurple as a very weird mouth (when biting it looks like it uses these items as a mouth)

    If anybody else have some tips & tricks, feel free to share
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    These tips are very useful for those of us who haven't gotten SPORE yet. I like the 3-arm thing
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      Forget "cute", here's some "functional" ones for the Cell phase.

      1. Having a spike on either side of your cell's "head" allows it to swing side to side to break open meteor chunks and other cells, thus gaining those important creature pieces.

      2. If you use the Omnivore mouth, put 1-2 jets on your cell's "tail" and use it for short burst charges to "spike" your prey.

      3. Wigglers are good for overall speed increases, but jets give you short massive bursts useful for charges and escaping other predator cells.