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    I got the game a few months back and never bothered messing with the settings to get it to work on my computer. I did this morning though and I have a question.

    How do I get my country to stop losing money??

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    They have a game forum over at GolemLabs:

    I bought it, but have not installed it yet, as I am playing other games right now!


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      Make sure you've updated to patch v1.3. Go to the forums and look around for help and ideas.
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        Golem Labs forums is filled with a bunch of poo-heads, they cant answer my question:

        Im playing as America and have started my great empire by conquering Iraq and Iran. Having recently annexed the two former countries Im left sitting in horror as my budget surplus is slipping rapidly. I've had to raise taxes from 50% to 65% and lower my research budget to $0 to avoid going into the red. My resource report is telling me I have a surplus of everything. My budget surplus is still dropping and is close to going red again.


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          How good is the game? Is mp relatively bug-free? I'm not sure if I should get it yet...