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    Been toying with the idea of a VPN for a bit, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations especially for gaming or netflix..

    Obviously all the top names pop up once googled, i am tempted to try 2 or 3 monthly trials to find the right one Fast VPN, PureVPN and VyprVPN all sound good choices any experience here?

    Found these vpn from these sites

    Do they provide unbiased feedback?

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    Not sure about those you mentioned, but I'm using HMA VPN and so far, I got no qualms using this. Here's the link for your reference:


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      Originally posted by FTurner90
      I'm not sure whether you will be able to use a VPN Netflix as they are constantly trying to block all of them as it costs them money. If you have found a decent one let us know. Most VPNs a promise such a thing or just lying, trying to get more customers. If you try to watch Netflix with VPN you will probably get kicked out and getting a message that says we have identified a proxy so you wouldn't be able to access any US or UK series and movies with it. Although, there might be a fix If you know how to configure your router with And add the VPN to the router itself, that way the proxy connection is much tougher to be recognized.
      Never knew it was just a router login fix and you're good to. I will give it a try now.
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